Tits Print - A4


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The Tits poster features 8 birds, all beautifully hand drawn, coloured and named. An educational print with a pun-inspired twist!

'Tits' is my best selling design, great for birthdays, weddings and all members of the family or workplace.

Printed on cartridge paper, signed and dated.

A4 Print measurements: 29.7 cm high / 21 cm wide.
Board backed and cellophane wrapped.

Created by UK based Sarah Edmonds.  Having originally studied English Literature, Sarah loves to play with language and communicate with people through her illustration. The double meanings of her fun pun range do just that - they grab people’s attention, raise a smile and sometimes an eyebrow or two!’

Sarah’s ideas begin life in a sketchbook and following more research, her designs are developed using watercolour paint and crayon, followed by digital art working to create the finished composition. She has developed a warm and characterful style with hand rendered textures and wonky lines, coupled with hand drawn typography to complete each design.

Her paper goods and gifts are produced entirely in the UK to a very high standard.

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