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Lickers Coaster - Pretty Shiny Shop
Lickers Coaster - Pretty Shiny Shop

Lickers Coaster

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This coaster features ten popular cat breeds from the magnificent Maine Coon to the cheeky bum-licking tabby. Each cat has been painted using a blend of watercolour and digital painting, with the pink of their tongues highlighted by the bright hand drawn title.

The Lickers coaster is perfect for cat owners and enthusiasts along with everyone with a cheeky sense of humour.


The coaster has a sustainably sourced Eucalyptus board base and a full melamine surface, with cork backing and a gloss finish. Made in the UK. Wipe clean only with a damp cloth.


Dimensions: 10cm square / 3.2 mm thick

Created by UK based Sarah Edmonds. 

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