A Beginners Guide To Photography (2 days)

A Beginners Guide To Photography (2 days)

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Instructor: Sarah McDowell

Each day will begin with a focused lesson and then students will head out to put the lesson into practice. 


Day One: Your Camera Body


A tutorial on the most commonly used functions on the body of your DSLR camera, what they are and how to use them: Shutter speed - Aperture - ISO - White Balance  - Exposure  - Focus Points 

 Day Two: Lenses, Light and Composition

We spend some time demystifying the camera lens and what the different numbers and names mean, what they do, and what you should use different lenses for.

Day two will move into the more subjective side of photography, covering the importance of light in photography and some tips on dealing with different light scenarios, when to get the best light and what to do if the light is less than optimum.    Finally we will move on to composition - how to compose a good photo, tips on photographing different subjects - people, still life, landscapes, street photography, plus discuss what makes an interesting photo.   

Students must have thier own SLR camera and lenses to attend this course. 

Must be 16 years or older to attend. We recognise that sometimes life happens and plans change. Although we are unable to offer a refund on booked workshops from 14 days before the workshop start date, you are welcome to pass your workshop slot on to someone else.  We are unable to transfer you to an alternate course option.