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Aery Living

Aery Living

Aery Living where sustainability meets serenity

Crafted with care and consciousness, Aery's candles are a testament to their commitment to the planet and your well-being. Using 100% plant-based wax, ensuring that each flicker of light is a gentle embrace of nature's goodness. Say goodbye to paraffin, GMOs, and palm oil - Aery candles are free from these harmful additives, embodying renewal and biodegradability with every burn.

But it doesn't stop there. Aery use lead-free cotton wicks. Not only do they promise a cleaner burn, but they also extend the life of your candle.

Welcome to the world of mindful fragrance.

Behind every scent lies a story of dedication and creativity. Aery have poured their hearts into crafting the 5-star fragrances drawing inspiration from both science and nature, they have perfected the art of blending naturally derived essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils.

Aery believe in harnessing the natural benefits of essential oils to enhance your well-being. Carefully selected for their therapeutic properties, the essential oils offer known benefits that uplift the mind, body, and soul. From calming lavender to invigorating citrus, each aroma is thoughtfully curated to bring harmony into your home.

But they understand the importance of treading lightly on the planet. That's why they have embraced the use of fragrance oils, which offer a powerful scent throw without the need for mass farming of certain plants and flowers. By blending the best of both essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils, they are able to create a range of scents that not only elevate your mood but also respect the environment.

Spreading positivity, one tree at a time

Aery Living have teamed up with Ecologi, a partner dedicated to reforestation efforts, to make a tangible difference with every order we as wholesale customers place. For every order, a tree is planted. But it's not just any tree – it's a symbol of hope and renewal, contributing to 'The Eden Reforestation Projects' in Madagascar.

In Madagascar, these trees aren't just greenery; they're lifelines. Mangrove forests, planted through this initiative, serve as vital carbon sinks, absorbing harmful greenhouse gases and nurturing vibrant ecosystems. And the impact goes beyond environmental conservation; it's about empowering local communities. Through this project, millions of trees have been planted, and countless working days have been provided to support the people of Madagascar.

So, when you choose Aery Living, you're not just bringing feel-good into your home – you're also helping to create a brighter, greener future for our planet and its inhabitants.